PSP Framework

For my MEng project I was involved in continuing a previous project with two other students, at Hull University. The aim of the project was to create an SDK package that could be used by students at the university to quickly build and prototype games for the Sony PSP handheld.

Cloth Modeller – BSC Final Year Project

For my final year project of my BSc course at Hull University I created a 3D editing application and physics library for the simulation and modelling of clothing/cloth. The physics library was written in using C++ and compiled into a dll. The main application for the 3D modelling was written using C++, Win32 and OpenGL. […]

New Blog Installed

Finally got round to installing WordPress, so that I can manage this blog a bit more, which hopefully means it will be easier to upload and manage the bits an pieces for my portfolio 🙂 Just have to find a theme I like, till I can get round to putting one together.